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Christine Williams

What is coaching?

For years world-class athletes have relied on coaches to lift performance because they know coaching works.

These days the philosophy has flowed into many areas of business and personal life so that people benefit from coaching in a range of activities: relationships, writing, public speaking, leadership, work/home life balance.

Chris's experience as educator, mentor and writer has equipped her with special skills in assisting people to uncover a sense of purpose through life story, finding the particular conditions and relationships that give meaning to their lives. As a member of the major US coaching group, Coachville, Chris has access to the school's extensive resources, including mentoring and internet support provided via eCourses, ezines and Teleclasses.

Chris also participated as a coachee in a University of Sydney study into the effectiveness of coaching. The study, undertaken by Gordon Spence and supervised by Dr Anthony Grant, Director of the University's Coaching Psychology Unit, was one of the first of its kind in the world.

Let the sun shine in. Choose from a suite of options to suit your particular life plan and time demands.






WHERE: Seminar Room, 21 Tan Quee Lan Street, Heritage Place.

WHEN: 10 am – 1 pm, Saturday July 19.

WHY: To be motivated in your work, you need to know why you’re doing it and where it will lead. Finding your purpose in work and life makes all the difference to your outcomes every day, and can lead to lifelong success.

HOW: Dr Christine Williams from www.executive-lifecoaching.com.au is a life coach who has devoted the last decade of her career to her coaching clients to bring them a sense of real achievement. She uses a strategy that has achieved proven success in Australia and can be applied in any work situation, whether you’re an established senior executive or just starting out with a yet-to-be-fulfilled ambition.

WHO: This is definitely designed for the still undeveloped talents hidden in YOU.

Dr Williams’ presentation involves exercises in strategic thinking and personal application so that participants will come away with a tool-kit of ideas and workable plans to implement.

Regular attendance price $299 reduced to $97 if you book online NOW.




Life coaching with Chris Williams has accelerated my personal and professional growth. I feel more capable of making clear, informed choices and more confident in my ability to act decisively. The knowledge I have gained from working with Chris will sustain me long into the future.
Brenda Finlayson, writer& policy advisor, Sydney

Chris has elegantly assisted me in defining priorities; her articulate suggestions, timely clarifications and necessary reminders have facilitated a continuous focus over several months – a valuable life asset I will strive to maintain.
Dr Rebecca Cummins Lecturer, photographer/lecturer, Seattle

My initial thoughts regarding coaching were, “I can work this all out on my own”, but after a short time with Chris and her gentle prompting, I realised my thoughts were becoming far more organised and the focus of what I wanted to achieve in life was becoming clearer. It then began to feel more than rewarding when we could celebrate goals achieved each week at our sessions!

The work that was done last year with Chris has set me up for everything that has fallen into place so far this year and I will always be grateful and thankful to Chris for her patience, assistance, advice and understanding of my needs.

Together, we achieved a lot!  Thank you Chris.
Judy Wing, Corporate Executive, Sydney