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With a doctorate from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Masters degree from the University of Sydney, Christine has built on her human relations skills through the study of philosophy and biography, as well as from broad experience as a writer and now a small publisher ( She is the author of:

  • Jiddu Krishnamurti World Philosopher Revised Edition (SSOA-Amazon 2013), biography of the extraordinary spiritual advisor who encouraged freedom of the mind.

  • Green Power: Environmentalists who have changed the face of Australia (Lothian-Hachette 2006) A brief history of the environment movement with biographies of leaders in conservation.

  • Fathers & Sons (HarperCollins 1996), a book of interviews with men talking candidly about their relationships with their fathers - including High Court judge Justice Michael Kirby.

  • Christina Stead: A Life of Letters (Virago 1989) - first full-length biography of the major Australian writer.


Christine's experience as a journalist and writer, as well as a writing coach, plus her research studies into ancient Indian wisdom traditions provides a sound framework to encourage and challenge clients to reach new levels of personal development, whether as a writer, in their personal growth, or in an executive business career.

She has spent more than a decade in daily business contact with CEOs and senior executives of major science and industry R&D organisations, providing consultation on ministerial submissions, media promotion and business direction.

Widely-travelled in Europe and India, Christine has lived in England and now makes her home in Sydney, where she lives with her partner of over 20 years, an economist and IR specialist. She has 2 grown daughters.

Christine puts into coaching practice her life's experience to help you find your purpose and your next project!



Life coaching with Christine Williams has accelerated my personal and professional growth. I feel more capable of making clear, informed choices and more confident in my ability to act decisively. The knowledge I have gained from working with Chris will sustain me long into the future. 

Brenda Finlayson, writer & policy advisor, Sydney & New Zealand

Christine has elegantly assisted me in defining priorities; her articulate suggestions, timely clarifications and necessary reminders have facilitated a continuous focus over several months – a valuable life asset I will strive to maintain. 

Dr Rebecca Cummins university lecturer, photographer/lecturer, Seattle

My initial thoughts regarding coaching were ‘I can work this all out on my own’ – but after a short time with Chris and her gentle prompting, I realised my thoughts were becoming far more organised and the focus of what I wanted to achieve in life was becoming clearer. It then began to feel more than rewarding when we could celebrate goals achieved each week at our sessions!

The work that was done last year with Chris has set me up for everything that has fallen into place so far this year and I will always be grateful and thankful to Chris for her patience, assistance, advice and understanding of my needs. Together, we achieved a lot!  Thank you Christine.

Judy Wing, corporate executive, Sydney


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Coaching is engaging a professional to assist you to lift your capability and realise your potential. It is not counselling or therapy.

Exercises undertaken during coaching sessions include memory prompt, role play, imaginative play and life storytelling. Worksheets and learning aids are used to leverage the client in the process of self-direction.

Executive/Life Change/Just-in-Time coaching sessions are available over a 12-week minimum period.

All options may include a combination of face-to-face, txt, phone and email communication sessions.

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Improved Motivation and Productivity 

Coaching assists in the vision of a company being sustained, through the vitality of staff, into its product or service interface with customers or clients. Dissatisfied executive staff represent a major drain on HR budgets. By contrast, managers in coaching programs are challenged to harness their strengths for the mutual benefit of themselves, their colleagues and their families.

Return on Investment (ROI) from work/home balance 

Research conducted in Canada has quantified the benefits of work-family balance. Professor Linda Duxbury carried out a study for the report titled, Work-Life Conflict in Canada, which surveyed 31,000 Canadians at work to consider the following:

- job satisfaction and organisational commitment

- better family integration

 reduced stress and mental and physical health.

Similarly, in New Zealand a service company, Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Trust Centre in Auckland, adopted a policy of placing top priority on providing a healthy and balanced workplace for its staff. It reaped the benefits of high staff retention rates, with productivity doubled.


The International Coach Federation presents well-documented cases of ROIs as high as 500-700% produced by effective Executive Coaching. When executive staff tap into their own talents - out of a sense of integrity and dignity - the whole company benefits from their holistic approach to team-building and corporate commitment.

For more information or to arrange a meeting or presentation on the effectiveness of executive staff coaching contact Dr Christine Williams on (ph) 0432 289 311 or email.

  • Coachville lifecoaching certification 2001

  • Who's Who of Australian Women inclusion 2009-2022

  • Who's Who of Australia 2020-2022

  • Academic PhD supervision certification

  • NSW Ministry of the Arts History Fellow 1992

  • MA, University of Sydney 1994

  • Doctorate, University of Technology, Sydney 2002


228 Moore Park Road

​​Paddington Sydney

Tel: 8065 7368

Mob: 0432289311


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