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Conflict destroys human dignity.

                              J Krishnamurti 


Writing confidence is an essential key to success in many walks of life - in your career, in your personal life, as a parent. At work, different employment positions call for different writing skills. If you need to perfect your effectiveness as a writer, you might call on our writing coaching methodology from within any of the 3 options shown below - Executive, Life Change or Just-in-Time.


A range of options

Executive coaches are skilled professionals trained in building employee motivation and flexibility. With the knowledge that human resources are an organisation's greatest asset, the best HR Departments are pro-active in assisting staff in conflict resolution and coaching for change management for improved productivity

HR departments are increasingly engaging coaches to:


- lift staff performance


- address absenteeism


- increase productivity


- reduce employee stress


- stimulate team cohesion via engendering a common purpose


- reduce recruitment costs as a result of burnout.

Accredited coaches recognise and stimulate the talents of executive staff. Strengths are developed and groomed to bring advantage both to individual effort and the team culture, with a positive flow-on effect for the company's financial health.

Personal Growth       Career Ambitions

one on one coaching

1hr | $95




Executive is streamlined to assist you to focus on the quality of your work performance.

Executive is streamlined to assist you to focus on the quality of your work performance. Aimed at busy people in a corporate work environment, this no-nonsense course runs to an agreed schedule with a balance between personal and career goals agreed in first session.


You'll find that work performance is enhanced once issues are canvassed in a non-confrontational way, providing you with a streamlined approach to tackling individual and team projects in the workplace.

Executive package focussed on career.



Life Change suits those who have reached a point in their lives where they want to move forward into untapped territory - in career, personal relationship or unfulfilled dreams.


Having attained a certain level of competency and recognition in your field, you experience a realisation that there's more to life. Perhaps you need to write

about what you've learned.


Nurturing generosity in personal relationships, along with time for individual endeavours, can lead to greater balance in your life and a stronger sense of self-worth, purpose and direction.

Optimal package: a 1-hour face-to-face session plus a half-hour email/phone session weekly.


Just-in-Time is designed for the career client who feels he/she needs access to assistance with business problem-solving on a needs basis.


You are guided to find your own answers at the time they're required (based on recognizing and pre-empting impediments) rather than waiting to discuss your approach after the event.


Coaching access is extended to provide one-on-one availability in real-time (7am to 7pm Sydney time) to tackle issues as they arise.

Optimal package: a 45 min face-to-face session plus 2 half-hour email/phone sessions weekly in accord with Just-In-Time access.




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