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Time for a change

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

You know you feel stale - but there's plenty you can do to liven up your life.

Welcome to a life where you can open your mind and your heart to ideas, places and people who are fresh and invigorating. Everyone has down days - especially when the media is full of stories of hardship and troubled times. Yes, they're true - but be careful the general mood doesn't dominate your life. Stop and think for a minute. Feel your feet on the ground, on the floor, on a footpath, on a patch of grass. You're real. You're really something! The most important thing is to recognise is the negative state of your mind and change it! Because the happiness that's tucked away behind your negative thoughts is bursting for you to allow it out to play - for you to indulge in that happiness that you've suppressed.

Think about it. At least 95% of your body is healthy. Full of vigour, if you'll only realise it. Take Dylan Alcott OAM, an Olympic Basketball & Tennis Gold Medallist. Talk about motivation! He's in a wheelchair but that didn't put out the fire in his belly to chip away at the setbacks and go on to win gold! That's why he's a motivational speaker. He's been down - and will never go there again.

The state of your mind dominates your positive future. It shapes your life. So - what can you do to get out of that mood? You can find someone to talk to about where you're at - a friend, a colleague, a teacher, a parent. Take encouragement from them and get started with an action plan.

Create Valuable Stories

Setting up a blog to talk to the world may be out of your reach at this stage, but anyone can pick up an old-fashioned pen and paper - or even just use your phone to write down a few ideas. String them together into a story - about yourself or someone you know - and you'll feel so much better. You'll have a story - beginning, middle and then making up something .

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities runs Zoom writing meetups (just $20 for 2 hours weekly) and anyone can take part. You'll get lots of feedback and encouragement - and feel you're contributing to both others' understanding of your view of the world and your own satisfaction. Check it out at at to make direct contact.

Dr Christine Williams


Sydney School of Arts & Humanities

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